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Annotation Outreach:

- communication with the medicago hapmap project on their GO annotations (Emily and David)

GOC Annotation items:

  • Improving the GO Help Rota. PIs to volunteer GO contributors?
  • With the focused annotation projects funded by the British Heart Foundation and Kidney Research UK, reaching their last year and the curation groups looking to extend their funding from these, or similar other charities, we would like to publicly demonstrate how these efforts have supported the GOC editors in developing the GO ontology in certain areas - such as heart or kidney development. Both grants specified and involved a large number of term requests. One idea has been to use term dbxrefs that indicate a particular curator's involvement in requesting or defining a term, to include the charity's icon in the term information page. We've mocked up such a display in QuickGO (QuickGO development has been supported, in part, by the BHF grant and worked closely with the KRUK annotation effort). We realize that the dbxrefs were not designed necessarily for this purpose, however would this be acceptable in the short-term? Below is a possible display: Test quickgo view.png
    • Jane: Why don't we use a GO_REF for this? It can link to an abstract which describes the kidney project and go as a general dbxref to all terms created modified as part of the kidney project.
  • Species ownership of GOC files, from Mike's suggestion could the GO C start to re-evaluate those dormant species owners?
  • Developing the PomBase tool into a GOC hosted community annotation tool.
  • ECO and GO - working group


  • TermGenie Stability (Jane)