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  • Develop GO Consortium meeting agenda?
  • How do milestones work with our new reporting system?
  • Can Chris give us quick tutorial on Trac for writing out roadmaps please?
  • Report on Marine biology meeting in Athens [Becky]
  • NBO (behaviour ontology) alignment with GO [Jane]


Present: Judy, David, Jane, Rama, Pascale, Chris and Suzi

  • How do milestones work with our new reporting system?
    • What pieces do we need for milestones? We should check the grant and follow the structure in there to report milestones. It doesn't have to be elaborate and onerous, but we have to have an efficient system though. Each Aim has clear components and we should use that as a start. Each group should be able to highlight key areas/projects they are working and then provide more details on each area separately?
  • Funding- We have asked for more money than before. The (NIH) funding council/committee is yet to meet to decide the GO grant budget. We will know in December.
  • We should re-org the wiki page so we can find information easily
  • How do we create a view of the project and present distribution of tasks/staff, overall project management under new grant?
    • Can the managers meet with the PIs at the GOC meeting to get an idea on who they can assign tasks and how to track efforts better?
    • Budgeting? How much money do we have and for what. Judy mentioned that she has budgeted some of the roll-over money for travel/meetings. She has to get them okayed by Peter Good and then we can organize meetings (Annotation meeting in Stanford, OBO meeting in bay area, etc)
  • Project tracking: Jane will try out Jira that EBI uses, she will also try out Trac@SF with Chris's help and make a report for the GOC meeting.
  • Marine Biology meeting
    • Very early stages, nothing significant to take home. They will do a workshop next year.
  • NBO
    • Behavior terms in GO should be reviewed, and NBO should be incorporated. Jane will take a look at the terms and come up with a proposal to figure out whether obsoleting behavior GO terms and replacing them with NBO terms is the best way. PATO recently submitted a grant renewal and they have a line about being in alignment with NBO.
  • Terry (Cell Type Ontology editor at MGI) is moving to EBI. The Cell type ontology work cannot stop. Alex and Chris need a transition person to work on cell type ontology.
  • GOC agenda is still in flux. PIs will edit it and any satellite meetings can be planned after that.