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Action follow-ups from last meeting

GO helpdesk JIRA set-up

All done?

  • Almost done. Estimated time: end of this week. ACTION: Rama end email when done

Quarterly report

Action: PIs to come up with a mechanism to generate and follow-up quarterly aims

Action: Mike and the PIs will discuss this.

  • Judy: awaiting instructions from NHGRI

Discussion items

GPAD format specification

(From Rachael) The documentation ( says that the qualifier column is optional, but I seem to remember that the idea was to have an explicit relation in this column for all annotations - Jane asked a similar question in the 15th August Manager's call that I'd again like to bring up; do we want to fully specify this column, retrofitting relationships for all terms? I'm not sure this was answered on the call.

Should the qualifier column in GPAD format be required?

  • ACTION: We (Rachael, Jane, Chris, Kimberley) will discuss further at the end of this call


  • ACTION: Rama will communicate with go-help people about updatings newsfeeds
  • ACTION: Chris will add section on outreach mechanisms to Ahenda

Pasadena GOC Meeting

Can we discuss what needs to be prepared by whom? Perhaps we can go through the agenda and put names next to anything that requires some prep.

Talks and tutorials

Did we decide on where we were going to collect our slides for talks etc? The wiki is a bit clunky for this. [Jane]

  • Action: Jane - guidelines for slide metadata