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On the Call: Kimberly, Chris, Judy, Pascale, Rachael, David, Suzi, Mike, Jane, Huaiyu

Call will focus on the rearrangement of the management structure:

We will now have Managers' call on the 1st and third Wednesdays of every month.

Trello Board

We will try to structure the whole organization to define when we will stop working on a project.

We still need to know what resources that we have to allocate to each project.

Judy- We can't decide that until we know what the tasks are per quarter.

Chris- This can be a bit difficult when projects have a lot of external dependencies. That is, the projects are often a much larger scope than this. Judy suggests that there be 6 projects that we work on concurrently as well as other projects.

Suzi- the big change is that the PIs are going to divide up the work and the PIs are going to work closely with the groups.

Jane- it looks like the ontology development part of apoptosis is done. Where does that fit in?

Suzi- That would be with Paul T or Judy.

Judy- When we look at the quarter, we need to ask ourselves is whether or not the apoptosis project is a priority of this quarter.

Suzi- We need to figure out the game plan for the apoptosis project for the next three months.

Judy- We should have some reporting structure to these meetings. Now we should move forward on these cards. For example under organized ontology annotation projects we have apoptosis.

At this point, we need to go through trello and enumerate our tasks. We began to do this. See the Trello meeting board.

We are going ahead with the October meeting. It will be organized around the new project structure. The meeting after that, April 2013, will include and SAB.

CAT Tool Report

Kimberly- Met at CalTech at the beginning of June. The small group meeting format worked extremely well. A large part of the meeting was devoted to reviewing and discussing implementation of a CAT. Kimberly spent time with each MOD to discuss their annotation pipelines what did they have and what did they want. We'd like to give everyone the ability to annotate to the same level. Spent a lot of time talking about LEGO and how we would formalize that structure. We will move people towards a tool like protein2GO.

Chris- Protein2GO has most of the features we would use to do the types of annotations that we need.

Suzi- We can integrate other tools into protein2GO. One of the first things at the meeting was to draw up an architecture. Next step is to organize a phone call in the end of July.