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Ontology development

  • CHEBI paper was published


  • Gene mania annotations still being discussed by Rama and Rachel - some concerns were brought up by email.
  • Decision on email list was to have that discussion at the next GO meeting
  • Rama has been discussing with people form the GeneMania group

'Gold standard' annotations

  • SGD has submitted a file; other groups haven't. We need to follow up on that.
  • Action: Will be discussed at a future annotation call.

Column 16 annotation

  • Will be discussed at the annotation call next week (Aug 27, 2013)

AmiGO 2

People seem to like AmiGO2

PAINT curation status

Paul: Goal: everyone is to do 2 families a week.

GOC meeting

  • Judy: Still collecting topic list
  • Jane: suggests we should decide soon on the breakout session to make sure people can plan when they'll come in/leave /July: That may be difficult