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Priorities/tasks, deliverables

Reporting on current priorities:

  • Implementation of the JIRA project management software for the GO Consortium [Jane and Emily]
    • We've been having a play with the GO Jira instance, adding some issues to see how it might work. All managers should have received a login. Have formed an ad-hoc WG which consists of Jane, David, Emily and Tanya. Anyone else want to join?

There will be a demo of TAIR's resource Thursday at 10:30AM EDST. Rama and Kimberly will join the working group.

  • Common Annotation Framework. Determine the directions and deliverables for the next year.

Prototype up by the end of year #1.

Lots of discussion of ID mapping. Bottom line is who's responsibility is it? MODS? GOCs? UniProt? Why not just use a resource that is already in place?

On going items

Prioritization of GO Consortium tasks.

PIs will work on this.

New items

From last annotation call: Working group on chain-of-evidence/annotation ids required?

  • What should we be using instead of WebEx? We need to make an announcement to GOC. [Jane]

David has sent a note to the GOC. We will see what people like and see if there is something free that we can use.

  • Date for the next GOC meeting (Doodle GO PIs/council?)

PIs will decide.