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GO goals for 2014

See link to Google doc that Judy provided.

Link to Chris's Software priorities spreadsheet;


All Hands meeting on June 18th

  • The call is set for hour and a half (1.5 hours).
  • 10 minutes / group
  • Each group should add what their priorities, accomplishments are for the current quarter and goals for the next quarter. Look at the existing priorities as first pass and build around it. Its okay to share this list with your group members
  • If you decide to do a spreadsheet, then please add a sheet to the one that Chris has put together in google doc (URL listed above), don't make a new doc.
  • If there are dependencies indicate them in the spreadsheet.
  • Do we need to know who is on the Call? We want all the managers for sure. If we really expect somebody else on the call and is missing it would be good to know. We should send an email out to the mailing list and ask people to let us know if they are NOT going to be at the call.

Barcelona logistics

  • Dates announced
  • Pascale is looking into hotel room, dinner restaurants etc.
  • There is a google form for registering. Should we use the wiki as we normally do?
  • there is a logistics page on the wiki now-
  • Registration should be done by Sept 1st so they have enough time to plan

Reports from each group

  • Suzi: Has been working on Orion, PAINT, working with google summer code project
  • Chris's group:
    • AmiGO 2.1 release, looking at Drupal to cloud. Rama should check with Mike on Cloud solution.
    • Chris will contact Ben and GO-Admin about retiring MySQL
    • Working on transition to OWL, # of changes to OBO-edit
    • Heiko: Working on GAF to GPAD and LEGO to GPAD convertors
  • Rama/Rachael:
    • Building LEGO models, coordinating Annotation calls, E2/E3 terms, consistency exercise
    • Rachael is working on deepening protein binding annotaitons. Chris will work with her on this.
  • Huaiyu: working on scheduling PAINT jamboree, fixing bugs in existing PAINT
  • Pascale: Training new curator Mark Furaman to do PAINT (from June 1st)
  • Jane:
    • Closing tickets, which has opened huge amount of content issues. This is very time consuming because we have to look at old annotations to address these tickets. Can we do something with Orion, logical reasoning or take some help from the Annotation group?
    • Suzi- we don't have to wait for the MOD curators to accept the changes. If the Annotation group (R and R) and ontology editors agree, then make the changes
    • Kimberley: How many of these require expertise from the community? Only some!
    • PaulT: move annotations to a parent term so we are not stuck and can move on
    • Submitted a proposal to NSF with MENGO project (Microbial ENergy GO)
  • Paul T: checked in a overhaul of the MF ontology into SVN. THis will make LEGO modeling easier. He would like some feedback and would like to know what it will take to push it out