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* Discussion about Author list- In the future when any GOC member writes a paper they should write to the go-consortium list asking about author list/affiliations. Some of the author names/affiliations were not accurate in this NAR paper. Rama will write to NAR to see if it can be fixed.

Discussion items


See [1]

The ontology terms are now ready and we need to decide on a plan for reannotation. Options:

  1. Leave as is. Nothing is actually incorrect, and Pablo has made some annotations to the new terms.
  2. Reannotate everything annotated to the three top-level terms. This amounts to about 3000 annotations:
    • apoptotic process
    • regulation of apoptotic process (including pos. and neg. children)
    • induction of apoptosis
  3. 2 + some de novo annotation. Paola has some ideas for how these might be selected: [2]

* Discussion: Judy is heading the re-annotation effort. She has to be consulted on how we should prioritize this effort. In the mean time Paola will send details on breakdown of annotations that need to be fixed by group (scope of the reannotation effort). We will talk about the reannotation effort at a future annotation call. Paola and Pablo will be training curators on how to reannotate.

Fall 2013 GOC meeting

[from Susan] There will be no FlyBase meeting in Boston next fall, which is what we were going to combine the GOC meeting with. Other ideas?

* Discussion: Is it still possible to hold the meeting in Boston? Something for the PIs to discuss.

GAF Jenkins checks

Chris talked about the reports generated by Jenkins Rule engine. It flags both soft and hard QC checks. Questions:

  • There are some violations that can be fixed automatically (term merges). Can we do that rather than wait for curators to fix them? There was agreement on doing automatic repairs for a select set of violations. We will talk about it in an Annotation Call to let everybody know.
  • Are curators/groups being alerted about these reports? Not yet. We can send alert email from Jenkins. Action Item for Chris/Heiko.
  • Are "Part" terms soft checks? Jane will add the part terms as as subset category in the ontology check. We could repair these annotations as well by mapping to the higher level term. We will bring this up at the next Annotation Call.
  • Is there a plan to merge Mike's filtering sript with Jenkins? Jenkins currently only sends reports. Doesn't do any filtering. For now both scripts will run and we will look into merging at some point in the future.