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Review Trello board.


Present: Rama, Chris, Paola, Suzi, Judy, PaulT, Kimberly, Huaiyu

  • Annotation issue that came via GOhelp. AgBase curators have annotated a sheep growth hormone to swimming behavior. They claim the sheep growth hormone is similar Rama will talk to agbase folks to clarify before we discuss this further.
    • Kimberly asked if we should allow annotations to a class of molecules.
    • Rama: but that would change the GO annotation paradigm. But if you think about it the InterPro and PAINT annotations are to a class of proteins
  • Biocuration meeting: GO tops will talk about what to present at the next Managers call. So far Rama, Suzi, Moni and PaulT are going to the meeting.
  • AmiGO Production issues: Chris: Can Stanford have better monitoring and be proactive about servers going down?
    • Rama will talk to Mike/Stuart. Does it make sense to move this to the cloud?
    • Rama: we are waiting to add new features to amigo. e.g. having a link to the gene names from TermEnrichment Results
    • Since Chris/Seth are busy, Mike is going to check to see if someone can do some of the mechanical stuff in AmiGO (e.g. add an example next to the search box, add link to documentation etc)
  • We will do a User Interface testing and survey before the renewal. Helen will send us some information on how to construct the survey to make sure it is solid, addresses several areas etc. We will post the survey on several mailing lists and will be on our site for a long time.
  • Do we have enough categories in GO-help. Are we watching the trends. Yes we are. May be we should add a category for GO slim. [Now done]
  • We should provide a help link to enrichment from AmiGO/GOC homepage itself
  • Capella/CAF development: Kimberly mentioned that things are moving forward
    • Capella/TextpressoCentral
      • Alpha version of TextpressoCentral (aka Capella) has been released to WB curators for initial round of testing
      • Currently TextpressoCentral contains all PMC papers
      • WB curators have requested additional features for real world testing, mainly full complement of Textpresso categories
      • Once WB curators have had a round of testing, will hopefully share with GO curators from other databases for their testing and input
    • Protein2GO and RNACentral
      • Regarding RNA IDs: Remind MODs to submit their RNA IDs to RNA central (Rama will do this at the annotation call).
  • CHris: Heiko is working on seeding and back end OWL for LEGO. He will show his work to PaulT.
  • Paola, DavidOS and Helen are working on plans for 2015. Interviews for the new position will probably be in late Feb.
  • Rama: We will demo the textpresso style annotation tool that Kimberly used for Biocreative for consistency exercise at the next annotation call.