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Agenda: Jane, Judy, Suzi, David, Chris, Pascale

Minutes: Pascale

Phone passCode: 801-561

Action items

  • All managers to provide detailed goals and timetable of the work they plan to accomplish (1) in the next 6 month (end of 2010) and (2) in 2011.
  • (In July) The mailing lists for the GO camp will be deleted and further discussions will take place on the Annotation email list.

Action items from previous calls

  • GO_ext file - Jane will re-organize the downloads page to highlight this file. She will bring this up with Chris/Seth to highlight it within AmiGO.
    • In progress
  • Jane will circulate a list of requirements for a mapping tool, and some example vocabularies that she would like to see mapped to GO.
    • DONE. In discussion with Chris

New items

  • Mailing lists - can we consolidate them, or provide a meta-list that everyone can subscribe to? [Chris]
    • Chris sees the point of the 'protein complexes' list since they involve PRO and other external people
    • Suzi: Likes Mike suggestion to use as a subject line that describes the topic
    • Judy would like to create a single list called 'GO camp' or use the annotation list.
    • Resolution: we'll keep those lists until the annotation camp; them move all discussions to the 'annotation' email list.
  • Detailed goals and timetable for each group for between now and grant renewal. There are ~7 months remaining, and to remain on track we need monthly milestones for reaching the goals. [Suzi & Judy]
    • Each manager should be prepared to discuss the objectives they want to reach before the renewal, such as papers, software features, ontology development areas, annotation QC.
  • future of 'GO PUBs' collection on GO web site... [Judy]
    • Midori used to do it. How to do this in the future?
    • Suggestion to use a PubMed search - this is what Midori used to do, but that missed a lot of papers; lots of manual additions were needed.
    • Need to identify a person to do this task now that Midori is gone.
    • Judy suggests having a student working on this; Suzi supports this idea
    • Suzi suggests using Connotea.
    • Chris discusses Connotea - he marked many papers for GO.
    • Resolution: Use connotea. A student in Judy's group will be able to help setting that up. After the first 'upload' it should be easy to maintain.
  • Protein Complexes, resource allocation, PRO/GO synergy [Jane, Emily]
    • (Judy, others) Need to sort out boundaries between GO, PRO, IntAct.
    • Rama: Should curators keep on requested GO Complexes terms? Judy, yes, we need to do this for now.
    • Judy: people (GO developers and GO curators) need to keep doing what they are doing
    • Chris: We should have a document describing the respective roles of each group.
    • Discussion will take place on the protein-complex mailing list.