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Action follow-ups from last meeting

GO helpdesk JIRA set-up

Action: Rama to look into retiring Stanford go-help email list: 1. 'Vacation message' when you email the list, 2. will the archive remain searchable if the list is retired? Action: Rama and Mike will discuss this further

Quarterly report

Action: PIs to come up with a mechanism to generate and follow-up quarterly aims

Action: Mike and the PIs will discuss this.

Discussion items

  • Wikipedia lists GO terms for its protein pages e.g. [1]. These are quite redundant and could use some sort of processing. They're generated by a template - any idea how we edit these? [Jane]

Action item: Chris will talk to Andrew Su to fix the redundancy.

Suzi: there is a draft of the agenda for the Caltech GOC meeting.

NAR paper: Rama will send the latest version to the managers list.