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  • Paper/poster for AMIA (the association for informatics professionals), poster deadline is Oct 21st.

It is a good meeting. It brings together a good group of diverse people. Judy thinks it's well worth someone going. Do we know when a paper is due? August 19th too late. Judy will take the lead and find someone in the SF area to go.

  • NAR paper (Submission deadline is Sept 15)

Emily will come up with a stats table by Monday morning. Everyone will get comments to David by the end of the week. He will send out an updated version early next week.

  • GOC meeting in November. What do folks think about including an IMEX talk to see how groups are/could contribute/use this

protein-protein interaction curation resource? (Emily)

IMEX makes high-quality interaction data. We have spoken about how we could interact with them. Since the meeting will be held in London, perhaps they could come down and speak to us.Since we are in London, it would make sense to have them come down. Emily will set this up.

We will start the GOC meeting a bit later in the morning, 9:30. The dinner will be on whichever night is easiest. We will start adding things to the agenda.