Manager Call 2015-12-02

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Help desk schedule for 2016

  • Rama had been maintaining the help desk schedule and turned that over to Tanya when she left
  • Who will handle this going forward?
  • We need to have a list of people who will take a turn on the rota for the coming year.
  • 2015 breakdown (from Tanya):
    • Harold (MGI) - 6 weeks
    • Moni (LBL) - 6 weeks
    • Tanya (TAIR) - 5 weeks
    • Kimberly (WB) - 4 weeks
    • Paola (EBI) - 4 weeks
    • Rama (SGD) - 4 weeks (no longer here)
    • David OS (EBI) - 3 weeks
    • Donghui (TAIR) - 3 weeks
    • Edith (SGD) - 3 weeks
    • Maria (SGD) - 3 weeks ( no longer here)
    • Victoria (RGD) - 3 weeks (agreed to do 2 weeks a year)
    • Petra (dictyBase) - 2 weeks (agreed to do 2 weeks a year)
    • Rachael (UCL) - 2 weeks (agreed to do 2 weeks a year)
    • Melanie (EBI) - 1 week
    • Rebecca (UCL) - 1 week (agreed to do 2 weeks a year)

Vesicle paper

  • Will be submitted in the next few days. Paola sent round draft manuscript. If anyone has any concerns, please voice them now, thanks!

Update on GO user survey

  • Reached 622 responses.
  • Keeping link to survey on website did not prove very useful - had 2 responses only (joint collector with GO Facebook and Twitter page) and no new ones in the last 2 weeks. May I close all collectors please, including the website one? Keeping them open complicates the analysis.
  • What do we wish to put in grant application? If the percentages quoted at the last call don't look positive enough (, options that come to my mind are: a) include a few 'kudos' (I have collected some and can circulate by email); b) anticipate what constructive feedback we have received - and will be working on next year (e.g., add some FAQs, etc.); c) other suggestions?


  • Attendees: Paola, Melanie, Huaiyu, Paul T, Kimberly, David, Chris, Pascale
  • Help desk schedule for 2016:
Looks like the task of compiling and looking after the GO helpdesk rota would fall in the ‘user advocacy’ category. 
AI: Paola will email Moni (cc Tanya and Kimberly) to ask if she’d be available to take on this task. 
The current rota carries us until the week commencing Dec 14th, so a new rota needs to be in place soon. 
If Moni is not immediately available due to traveling, maybe Tanya could compile the next rota and then Moni could take over from there?
List of people in the rota: we lost two people (Rama and Maria) so we need more helping hands.
Melanie said she could probably do up to 4 weeks per year.
AI: Paola to check with Helen Attrill from FlyBase if she’s still available for 2 weeks per year, as discussed at the Barcelona meeting 
(see note at the bottom of the current rota
Should we set up an automated notice or autoreply for the GO helpdesk over the holidays? We did it in the past but not recently. 
AI: Remind Chris to do this closer to the time - easy to post a notice on the GO helpdesk webpage, but may need to contact Mike and GO admin for autoreplies. 
(There was no volunteer to remind Chris, so Paola will make a note)
  • Vesicle paper:
Paul T asked for more time to look at the paper. 
AI: Paola will contact leading authors and ask if we can postpone submission to after the weekend.
  • Update on GO user survey:
No-one disagrees so Paola will close all survey collectors, including the one for the website.
For inclusion in the grant renewal application, Paola’s option b) sounds like the right way to use the survey, i.e. highlight areas of weakness and areas to improve; 
what are we doing well and what could we improve on. Are people generally satisfied with a particular element? What do people take exception to? 
What is the more constructive feedback we received? Is there a large number of people who think we could do better?
AI: Paola will prepare a report on this and send it over to the managers before Christmas. A shorter text will then be extracted for inclusion in the grant. 
  • Checking in on progress reports:
AI: Paul T will send a general reminder to all parties involved. The aim is to get a draft before the holidays. Do it by grant aims, which map more or less to our working groups.
  • Future hands-on call:
This will have to be after the holidays (no time to do it before).