Manager Call 2016-04-16

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GO Manager Call, March 16, 2016


Go around updates

  • Suzi
  1. A few releases of Paint software with bug fixes
  2. Working on a manuscript
  • Paola
  1. Working on apoptosis and cardiac conduction papers
  2. Working on autophagy project (we'll present a poster at Biocuration)
  3. Working on cilia project (both cellular component and biological process branches)
  4. Enrichment analyses for apoptosis and autophagy projects - also tested pantherdb beta version of enrichment tool
  • Paul T
  1. Draft of paper of LEGO
  • Huaiyu
  1. PANTHER 11 release
  • David
  1. Cardiac conduction paper
  2. Autophagy paper
  3. LEGO annotation, in conjunction with conventional annotation
  • Kimberley
  1. From the annotation call updated IGI evidence code documentation on the GO website.
  2. Annotation consistency exercise
  3. LEGO/Noctua models curation
  • Moni
  1. GO website and documentation updates.

Go around trello board

  • To be discussed at the next call: flow of PAINT annotation to MODS