Manager Call 2016-07-06

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Previous call minutes Minutes from the previous GO Managers Meeting can be found here. GO Managers meet using the GO Phone Conference Line from Jackson Laboratory.


Identifier space in GO annotations (GAF, GPAD)

We discussed to allow all IDs to be used in AE, provided we can get GPIs from everyone, ticket filed:

I (Melanie) talked with Tony S., and as discussed during the data capture call our GPI files don't include cross-references (too many of them to do so). We could envision a solution if it were possible to get a list of those cross-references that are needed specifically, and create a GPI with only those.

Protein Complexes

We discussed propagating functions, BP and CC annotations on a complex to the individual gene products, using the contibutes_to qualifier.

I (Melanie) discussed this with Claire, Sandra and Birgit and there are concerns that while ok for CC, the process/functions (using the contributes_to qualifier) could be confusing for users as a lot of people don't see these qualifiers - they'll only get as far a Protein X has a catalytic function associated with it and stop there.




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