Manager Call 2016-10-05

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Bluejeans URL - NEW!!


USC Meeting

NAR paper

Review Trello board

  • Discuss possible replacements: Waffle, GitHub-projects
  • Report from task team: ChrisM, Kimberly, Moni

Noctua annotations are live

  • As of this morning the production Noctua annotations for mouse have gone live in MGI.
  • Please let David H know if you spot any issues.


USC meeting

  • 1 800 number for hotel doesn’t work from abroad, Paul will put new number on wiki
  • Seth/Chris will be there immediately before the meeting for a ‘hackathon’. Could do some sort of the LEGO software if Jim can make it on that day. To add to day 1 agenda.
  • Paul: will add grant overview/funding to day 1 (big picture)
  • Judy: Darren from PRO is coming
  • Marcus (ECO) can only attend first day

Chris sent email to GO directors mentioning only David Hill left as editor on March 1st. Plan to train new editors? Maybe AGR editors could be trained more formally. For example Sue Bello and Stan (RGD) have worked on fork from DO to include OMIM terms. Central DO editor looks at it and merges it in or not. Editor keeps gatekeeping while allowing edits by others. Proposal from Chris: have training session before March for AGR editors, or wider training session. Maybe one person from each MOD could be a designated editor and come to this session.

Would be useful to present some sort of plan at November meeting. Kimberly: should also include discussion of annotations (calls, resources…) -> Paul will include this in the big picture presentation on first day

NAR paper

  • DL October 24
  • Missing: “promotion” to users. Practical bit: what should they care about reference proteome, what does the website allows them to do… Highlight “service to users”. Contributions for this section welcome. Paul to assign people to specific parts to get more response. All to contribute.

Waffle/Github project

Report pushed to next call.

Production annotation from Noctua now loaded in MGI

  • Some small issues (e.g. using causally upstream doesn’t generate annotation, attribution) but everything that comes out seems correct and curators are happy about that.
  • Judy: many Noctua tickets open, Suzi: we are looking to hire, Seth is overloaded atm.
  • Chris: also big changes coming in march: retire mysql, move ontology to github… big switches in production pipeline.

Present: Melanie, Chris, David Hill, Huaiyu, Judy, Kimberly, Moni, Paola, Pascale, Paul, Suzi, Pascale

Minutes by Melanie