Manager Call 2016-10-19

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Bluejeans URL - NEW!!


USC Meeting

NAR paper

ISB Meeting

  • GO presence
    • Noctua workshop?

2016 Progress Reports

  • Due in December?

Reviewing possible replacements for Trello board

  • Discuss possible replacements: Waffle, GitHub-projects
  • Report from task team: ChrisM, Kimberly, Moni, and Seth
 After investigating and discussing the options, we agreed to begin testing the use of GitHub Projects.  
 - A separate "Project" page should be created for each of the GO repositories, as needed.  
 - Each GitHub "Project" page will allow an overview of the ongoing work for each repository. 
 - To see an example of what a "Project" page looks like, please visit the Project page created for the go-ontology repository. The team of Ontology Managers has already started using this "Project".  
 We propose to begin using a "Project" page in the following repositories: 
 - go-ontology
 - go-annotation
 - Noctua
 - go-site
 GH Project
 As well, we have made some progress investigating the best way to replace the JIRA system for GO Help Desk. "Trac" ( is currently looking like the best candidate. 


  • On call: Chris, David H, Huaiyu, Kimberly, Moni, Paola, Pascale, Paul T., Suzi
  • Agenda: Kimberly
  • Minutes: Chris


  • GAF generation progressing well
  • Updated Agenda for USC meeting
  • Protein complexes
    • we will all review minutes from last meeting
    • Add to agenda for GO managers meeting
  • Paola: not sure if cilia results in time for meeting (but this is for a specific part of the ontology)
  • AI: will not do metrics on cilia
  • AI: not sure what is meant by 'genetic entities'