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'''Minutes:''' Moni Munoz-Torres
'''Minutes:''' Moni Munoz-Torres

'''Present:''' Paul, Kimberly, Suzi, Huaiyu, David H, Chris, Melanie, Moni.  
'''Present:''' Paul, Kimberly, Suzi, Huaiyu, David H, Chris, Melanie, Moni, Paola.


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Agenda: Kimberly Van Auken

Minutes: Moni Munoz-Torres

Present: Paul, Kimberly, Suzi, Huaiyu, David H, Chris, Melanie, Moni, Paola.


Annotation Tools

- For the GO-help issue, see http://jira.geneontology.org/browse/GO-1379
- For historical context, this FAQ was ported over from the old website and last updated on October 14 of 2014.
- The answer we should add to this FAQ is that curators can use Noctua. Given that there is not yet a system / plan in place to open Noctua for the public to contribute annotations, in the mean time we can list Canto, Cacao, Protein2GO, and Pathway Tools (http://pathwaytools.com/)
- Paul: Add comments informing curators that if you have a small number of annotations, you can send them to us, see "here". If you want to start a new effort, let us know “here”.
- Moni: Let’s send them through the decision tree we created and added to the 'Contributing to GO' page! This will allow them to contribute their annotations in the most efficient way. 

ToDo: Send Paul contact info for Pathway Tools to be added to registry at Elixir (Melanie did this? MC: yes, done :)).
- Proposal (Paola): general recommendation for endorsing software for use of GOC resources should be that at least one of the members of GOC has used it.
- ToDo: Make the FAQ (http://geneontology.org/faq/how-can-i-do-term-enrichment-analysis-species-not-present-list-amigo) match what’s on the Enrichment Analysis Help Page at http://geneontology.org/page/go-enrichment-analysis

  • From Minutes of last call?
    • Genomespace looks a bit too much like an environment in which tools can be linked rather than a registry per se.
    • We propose to use the Elixir registry assuming we can punctually request to add content. (Melanie sent email to Jon) If it's only a handful of request we can add on a case by case, if it's more than that we can revisit this issue.

2016 Year-End Progress Reports

  • Formats?
    • Google docs
    • Wiki pages
- ToDo: create Google Doc per institution, and also a separate document where all efforts will be combined and summarized.
- As we ask institutions to prepare their individual documents, ask them to follow a template. Suzi will prepare the templates and add them to this directory: 

Food for thought

  • What is the biggest challenge for ontology development?
  • What is the biggest challenge for annotation?
  • What tool is most urgently needed?
  • How can we be consumers and users of GO ourselves? (eat our own dog food?)
- Suzi: suggestion to set up main and large-scope goals for the year. Addressing the questions in the agenda. Suzi requests that everyone thinks of these questions. 
- Paul suggests that these goals should be organized on the GOC Projects page at https://github.com/orgs/geneontology/projects