Manager Call 2017-10-18

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GOC meeting action item review

GOC mailing lists clean up

  • Remove/merge some lists
  • Remove some people for eg from Managers list ?

Proposed Re-Organization of Noctua Documentation

  • Proposed re-organization of Noctua 'landing' page below
  • See Outline on Google docs
  • The old LEGO specification proposal
  • Documentation would be text, screenshots, and videos
    • Note that existing videos hosted on Vimeo are all out-of-date wrt the UI and will need to be re-done
  • Goal is to have concise, up-to-date, production-quality instructions
  • Source for current documentation on Noctua lives here:
    • Can we organize all user documentation into a single folder on github?
  • Good news: we can/will re-use existing documentation wherever possible


  • On call: Pascale, Kimberley, Chris, Huaiyu, Paul D., Judy, Suzi, David H.

Review action item. (Pascale)

Implementation of new qualifier “causally upstream of or within”, with the more specific children “causally upstream of” and “involved in”

  • Pascale: A ticket was added. Propose to implement by April next year (next GO meeting). This is for the legacy annotations.
  • David: Probably should be done sooner
  • Chris: Add a title of the ticket.
  • David: What is the resource?
  • Chris: New GAF version
  • Priority?
  • Chris: High. Seth and Eric will work on it.
  • Judy: Needs more transparency. Make sure it is done on time.

Regulation term

Multiple qualifier

come up with proposal before the next GO meeting.

CC qualifier and colocalize with

These are two different action items. Can be grouped together.

Protein complex

Come up with a proposal before the next GO meeting


  • Data flow - Work with the users.
  • The priority is to push Noctua to the production level. Huaiyu suggested to use this project for a project management exercise. Pascale will work with Chris to set up deadlines for all requirements. Chris pointed out that there was no real requirement documents. Everything is in github tickets. There are two types of tickets: bugs and new features.
  • End-user tool (visualization)

To be finished at the next manager call.

The other two items on the agenda were not discussed, and will be postponed to the next call.