Manager Call 2018-03-01

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Call in info


NYC Meeting Agenda

Working Groups/Projects

Expanded Set of Relations

  • Implementation requirements to meet our May goal of at least having acts_upstream_of_or_within
    • Guidelines/examples for use
      • acts upstream of: sperm motility, lipidation of ras, glycine transport -> heme biosynthesis
      • regulation: glycolysis, signaling
      • involved in: F-P links
      • make use of other F-P co-annotation
      • other ontology relations could be used to devise rules
      • PAINT annotations
    • Have a mechanism for groups to propose new rules
    • Review annotations to process and regulation of process
      • Can Mary D. generate lists for all groups, put on a webpage for review?
    • Other software support needed for this?

Protein Complexes

HTP Codes



Working Group Meetings

  • Quarterly?
    • Rotate between ontology and annotation (small, focused groups)
    • Test virtual meetings, but still focused on the task


1.0 Rollout

  • Merge Tremayne's fork with Noctua-dev for further testing
  • Some outstanding issues on SAE
  • Single source file for MODs to consume

Reactome Imports

  • David, Kimberly have looked at some imports/translations
  • Ben's work looks to be potentially very useful and promising for seeding templates, models
  • Will probably require significant manual input, refinement, testing

End User Tools

GO Helpdesk


  • On call: