Manager Call 2018-05-03

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Call in info


New Annotation File Submissions

  • GeneDB would like to submit new files
  • SVN or pick up from their website?

Is there an SOP for bringing a new dedicated annotation group on board (as opposed to drive-by contributions)? Minimally:

  • GOC-approved curator docs
  • a GitHub account
  • joining appropriate mail lists (to hear of obsoletion announces etc)
  • A new yaml file in datasets/
  • Some kind of QC of the annotations so we can trust them


Review of the GO release pipelines.

  1. GOC data flow
  2. GOC central pipeline

NYC Meeting Agenda

SAB agenda, plans

ACTION POINT Please everyone make slides for the SAB meeting for your part by Friday April 27 Slides should be added here:

  • Looks like this was done. Shall we have a look at the materials?


1.0 Rollout

  • Merge Tremayne's fork with Noctua-dev for further testing
  • Some outstanding issues on SAE
  • Single source file for MODs to consume

For a future meeting

Working Group Meetings

       Rotate between ontology and annotation (small, focused groups)
       Test virtual meetings, but still focused on the task


  • On call: Chris, David H., Eric, Kimberly, Pascale, Paul T., Seth, Suzi A., Suzi L.

Ad hoc Discussions

  • Signaling pathway review
    • We need to provide both inclusive and more nuanced gene sets for people
    • Chris has a draft doc with more about this - looking forward to it :-)


  • Main discussion was on flow wrt PAINT annotations
  • Where/How do MODs get them?
    • Is likely different depending upon whether the MOD uses Protein2GO or another annotation tool
    • New pipeline will inject PAINT annotations directly from paint_gaf into GO Central
    • This will continue; some discussion of filtering may be needed
  • How, exactly, will things work with respect to all the GO-CAM GPADs?
  • How soon could we move to a pipeline where MODs pick up all annotations from GO Central?
    • Ultimately groups would pick up a GPAD file as this is the richest annotation file wrt attribution (i.e. Noctua model ID, Orcid, etc.)