Manager Call 2018-06-07

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Review action points from NYC meeting

No tickets created:

  • ACTION ITEM: Share presentations, teaching materials for GO presentations at non-GO conferences and meetings; send GOC members to meetings as ‘GO representatives’. Update GO calendar with conferences that GOC members are attending, then broadcast this to GOC social media sites.

GO’ll fix it

  • ACTION ITEM: Schedule a hackathon for developers.
  • ACTION ITEM: Managers meeting - review call for annotation documentation from consortium members.

Need clarification:

Process for adding annotations from non-consortium groups


Communicating with users

How about creating a repo that people can sign up for, or just as they want ? This would include

  • changes in file format
  • obsoletion and merge notices
  • Other important ontology changes
  • releases
  • QC announcements
  • GO meeting announcements
  • etc

Additional topics

  • create a simple challenge form? (see noctua new user form)
  • licensing and "remix" for upstream sources (e.g. Reactome)
  • licensing sign-over or statement (annotation input)
  • zenodo and user metadata; proposal: "active" users and cull users.yaml (possibly a small sub-group from there, about half an hour)
  • Laurent-Philippe: collect information / links / contacts about the GO user communities (e.g. R/bioconductor and ?)
  • (Pascale) Rules, especially taxon checks: can we have this for the July release?


  • On call: Chris, David, Huaiyu, Judy, Kimberly, Nomi, Pascale, Seth, Suzi A., Suzi L.