Manager Call 2018-07-19

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  • Kimberly


Are the files on Jenkins still valid ? This is what PomBase uses

New repo: go-announcements

Pascale: I created the repo: I have been adding the new obsoletion notices there, and I also copied some older tickets that had label 'major change' Proposed guidelines: It should be used by

Website migration status

Laurent-Philippe, Suzi (Note that Kimberly, David and Pascale are still slowing moving content to the wiki, as discussed at the Documentation meeting in Jan 2018)

Noctua 1.1 plan

Kimberly and Seth

Closing pull requests

There are a number of PR in the go-ontology repo - can we close or assign someone to help close the tickets?

The next topics were moved from the June 20th call)

From PI call

Managers should help define the tasks of the helpdesk group

Proposal: from the managers

  • Monitor helpdesk repo
  • Monitor Biostars and Stack Exchange, Twitter and Facebook for GO-related questions
  • Create and maintain FAQs
  • ++?

Managers should help define the tasks of the outreach group

  • help new groups make annotations submissions

Topics not discussed at last meeting

  • create a simple challenge form? (see noctua new user form)
  • licensing and "remix" for upstream sources (e.g. Reactome)
  • licensing sign-over or statement (annotation input)
  • zenodo and user metadata; proposal: "active" users and cull users.yaml (possibly a small sub-group from there, about half an hour)
  • Laurent-Philippe: collect information / links / contacts about the GO user communities (e.g. R/bioconductor and ?)
  • (Pascale) Rules, especially taxon checks: can we have this for the July release?
  • (Suzi/Seth) Zotero as home for collected help/starter documentation?