Manager Call 2018-12-05

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  • Abstract for biocuration? Moving towards a common shared curation community. No-one volunteering to steer right now. Technical updates or curation-centric?
  • Who is attending ISB (Please add here)?

Annual report

  1. Need to add plans for next year as well.

Next few weeks

  • Alliance grant due Jan 31; Xmas holidays coming up
  • What is the impact on the work that people can do on GO? (esp: Chris, Seth, Kimberly, David - anyone else directly involved in Alliance and also key in GO?)
  1. We need to be aware of this.

Follow up on priorities

  • Release tasks update
  1. Is the pipeline in complete order? No, not yet. Seth is continuing to plug away at it.
  • GO website migration: Suzi L/Laurent-Philippe: Aim: Dec 1 -> Is this still the plan ?
  1. There are still a few items with respect to the display of the pages. We are still working on migrating the original pages for the redirect.
  2. Do we need to make sure all the old links are valid? One strategy would be to just let it go. The redirects would take a week or so. What would be the community standard? We need to take that into consideration. Check the tracker for open tickets. SuzyA, Seth and Laurent-Philippe will work together to deploy the site.
  3. What will happen with the help desk?
  • Noctua+GO-CAM repository: Moving existing non-GO-CAM annotations to GO central: Jim, Ben, Chris, Seth: strategy
  1. Explore the first import on Noctua development. Mouse or worm? Chris say the smaller.
  2. We will create a project for this.
  3. We need to work out the partitioning of models. Dustin can probably help.

Montreal Action items Pascale converted all AIs into tickets or discussion points here or on the annotation call.

  1. We need to act on the ones about questions for Tony?


  • Create working group to coordinate integration of IEAs (single source ideally): priority? Objective (date)
  1. Catalog all of the IEAs that people already have and how do they get them?


Anything we need to ask Tony before he leaves ? There are a few items highlighted in yellow in the GOC meeting minutes: Do we need to ask anything ?

  1. We should ask Tony what Tony would ask Tony before he leaves.
  2. We should let people know where to link for GO files. Some are still going to svn and ftp.

Next hackathon

Early February in LA?

Proposed aims (David, Kimberly, Pascale):

  • import of legacy annotations & GP2term relations
    • also for importing legacy annotations - mapping existing annotation extensions to GO-CAM models
  1. We will follow up by email, but it is looking like late February.

On call

DavidH, Suzy, Judy, Pascale, Suzi, Kimberly, Seth, Laurent-Philippe, PaulT