Manager Call 2018-12-19

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Moving to weekly meetings for managers

Starting January

Abstract for biocuration

(Abstracts must be submitted by December 21, 2018)? Moving towards a common shared curation community. No-one volunteering to steer right now. Technical updates or curation-centric?

  • Who is attending ISB (Please add here)?
    • Suzi A
    • Kimberly VA

Annual report

Next few weeks

  • Alliance grant due Jan 31; Xmas holidays coming up
  • What is the impact on the work that people can do on GO? (esp: Chris, Seth, Kimberly, David - anyone else directly involved in Alliance and also key in GO?)
  1. We need to be aware of this.
  2.  Pascale away until Feb 4th.

Outreach: GO webinars

Suggestion from PIs + follow discussion Kimberly, David, Pascale

  • Monthly
  • Time to be defined
  • One GO user/GO tool developer would present ~30 minutes + some discussion
  • Goal is to be more in touch with our users, perhaps also help drive decisions as we hear more specific use cases

Outreach proposal: reddit

GO-themed "Ask me anything" on Reddit, maybe during the GO meetings when everyone's captive. Similar to these

Outreach: External Group contact

Should be Suzi A.

  • OBO Foundry
  • FAIRsharing
  • ...any other groups??

Follow up on priorities

  • Release tasks update
  • GO website migration:
  1.  Status
  2. What will happen with the help desk?
  • Noctua+GO-CAM repository: Moving existing non-GO-CAM annotations to GO central: Jim, Ben, Chris, Seth: strategy
  1. Created a project:

Next hackathon

Early February in LA?

Proposed aims (David, Kimberly, Pascale):

  • import of legacy annotations & GP2term relations
    • also for importing legacy annotations - mapping existing annotation extensions to GO-CAM models
  1. We will follow up by email, but it is looking like late February.


  • On call: Chris, David, Huaiyu, Judy, Kimberly, Pascale, Seth, Suzi L., Suzy A.

Meeting schedule

  • Will move to weekly meetings starting in January
  • Calls will be focused on discussion of each project's status and priorities
  • Also include communication from the PI call about decisions, priorities
  • Pascale will create rota for Agenda and Minutes for 2019

ISB - April, 2019

  • Suzy A will submit for new GO website for outreach session (poster)
  • Laurent-Philippe will submit an abstract for GO-CAM (talk)

Annual Progress Report

  • Pascale is trying to collate everything from the individual reports
  • PIs will now take charge of writing the final report

Alliance Grant Renewal

  • 5-yr proposal, due January 25th
  • PIs may be less available during January, but otherwise GO efforts should not be affected


GO webinars

    • Invite a GO user and/or tool developer to give a consortium-wide webinar
    • Suzy A will start compiling a list of potential speakers, work on organization
    • GO should also reach out and give seminars/webinars to our users

GO on Reddit

  • Suzy A will investigate setting something up for GO

External group contacts

  • David forwarded an email he got wrt licensing, etc. to Suzy A
  • If you know of other sites that have substantial GO content, please forward them to Suzy

Current high-priority projects

GO data release pipeline

  • Will soon move all the way through the automated pipeline
  • Want to merge Noctua annotations into main annotation file
  • Need to update documentation to make it clear how groups should retrieve files
  • Need to re-visit documentation for gpad/gpi submission so groups understand that these files should correspond to the MOD- or group-specific entities

GO website

  • Testing new site, links
  • Help email will stay as is for now

Migrating whole genomes into Noctua

  • Dustin has started parsing WB GAF for gene-specific models

Next f2f meeting

  • Trying for some time in February
  • Initially proposed to work on whole genome's worth of import
  • Other GO-CAM-related work, e.g. file pipelines, templates, merging models, etc. would be good