Manager Call 2019-01-23

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Upcoming Meetings

Cambridge (11-12 April) - any developments?

Next working meeting

Zoom meetings/ URLs

Need to remove all publicly accessible URLs:

The old Annotation and Developers URLs were compromised over the weekend. Those were meeting IDs 828-418-143 and 976-175-422. Those URLs have been disabled, replacements sent to David and Kimberly. It appears that Zoom had caught on to the sudden over-usage and that’s why the setting ‘enable join before host’ had been disabled.

We have been requested to please no longer publish any Zoom URLs on any public facing pages, or to any URL or namespace to which access cannot be restricted by some sort of authentication. (this is a must-do)

It has also been recommended that we password-protect meetings. (this is a suggestion)


Nothing really to report but have been issues lately with things going missing, etc. Seems OK this week, anything we need to make official?

Reactome pipeline


Reactome is double-ingested, natively and via Reactome->GOA->GOC. Decide between:

  1. remove reactome from the pipeline and assume we get these from goa
  2. filter from goa

New website

Test site at:

Final critical items