Manager Call 2019-02-13

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Present: Judy, David, PaulT, Seth, Laurent-Philippe, Kimberly, Huaiyu, Chris, SuziA

General topics


  • Proposed new GPAD specs allow for only one ID per reference (PMID)
  • This has implications for what is listed, and available for linkout, in AmiGO
  • Do we need to re-visit this decision?

Meeting Reports

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Upcoming Meetings

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Other project Reports

Annotation Call

Curating Preprints in bioRxiv

  • Good discussion on the pros/cons of curating preprints, especially those found in bioRxiv
  • Although most groups would not choose to do this right now, we concluded that if a curator feels strongly that there is valuable information in a bioRxiv preprint, they may curate that paper
  • Proposed SOP (to be presented on manager's call for final approval):
    • Curator should determine that the preprint is the only published source of the data and that the data is of high quality
    • GO annotations can be made as usual, citing the unique accession of the preprint
    • If and when the preprint appears as a peer-reviewed publication, the curator needs to review the paper again, perhaps in collaboration with the authors, to make certain that the annotations are still correct
    • Existing and/or new annotations from the paper will then be updated to cite the accession for the peer-reviewed paper


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