Manager Call 2019-02-20

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Present: Chris, Huaiyu, Jim, Judy, Kimberly, Laurent-Philippe, Pascale, Paul T., Seth, Suzi A

Discussion points

  • Update on all ongoing projects:
  • We need % effort from the different people involved in project for all projects with a delivery date/active projects
  • Should we create projects for (1) Proposed new Noctua widget (2) GPAD/GPI specs
  • 'Gantt-chart' to manage projects: Hackathon tasks: how is that working ?

Other topics

  • GREEKC conference call, 2/14, to discuss modeling transcription in Noctua
  • Call with Sabrina and Doug on 2/19, to discuss Noctua requests from Zfin curators
  • Call with FungiDB, 2/21, regarding annotation and display of fungal genomes
  • GOC Meeting Agenda
    • Post-meeting working groups?


Review of Projects on github

  • 15 projects currently in the top-level of geneontology
  • Is github projects the best way to view and define priorities?
    • Do we need to have a way of accounting for 'administrative' tasks, e.g. triaging tickets?
    • Ongoing efforts need to be accounted for, as well.
  • Highest priorities for next GO meeting?
    • Need to have deliverables for each high priority project
    • Annotation import into GO-CAMs
    • Data release pipeline
  • What about the fires that inevitably creep up?
    • Include this time in the relevant project