Manager Call 2019-07-17

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  • Agenda: David
  • Minutes: Laurent-Philippe

Project status

GO-CAM specs

Kimberly, Pascale, Huaiyu, Laurent-Philippe, ...

Shex and google docs are now out of sync (terminology, some rules).

Chris did an overview of the shex specs but this will further discuss in the next GO-CAM specs call.

Questions regarding Noctua-dev vs Noctua-prod

(Pascale) Background

  • Ben asked to create test models |Ticket 
  • Kimberly and Pascale created about 30 models with the 'model-copy' functionality |Test models
  • Ben, Seth, are saying that the models should have been created in Noctua-prod with a special status (since Noctua-dev is apparently not exactly the same implementation)
  • Create a status "test" so that models can be saved on the prod framework but not be released in the public zenodo archives
  • Questions
    • What is the purpose of Noctua-dev and Noctua-prod ?
      • On dev, there should a clear message to state that models are not supposed to be kept (unless specifically added to GitHub)
      • No curators should be directed to the dev framework, but some curators were given logins to dev (!)
    • To redo the models on prod, it would be very useful to have the model-copy functionality there as well. What is blocking exactly ?
      • The models could be transferred on prod
      • Kimberly wants to explore further the model copy in terms of attributions before a release on prod

Discussion points

(from last week...):

  • Did we decide to send out notices about GO-CAM tools releases? We need to get the spec done first.
    • Those release notes are important to let curators know of the new functionalities and bug fixes.
    • Tremayne has to go through all the gocam tickets and will get back to Kimberly to see what can be finished or not. ** Some bug fixes are not been corrected on Noctua Form 1.0 as they are implemented in Noctua Form 2.0.
    • Judith is worried that curators will lose their momentum to use Noctua Form without better communication and deliveries.
    • There seems to have different feedbacks for Noctua Form (e.g. comes up in a spreadsheet but can not search or sort - there are tickets for this) and Noctua Graph.
  • Report back from meeting with Rose Oughtred (BioGrid) about sharing data
    • They have 'phosphogrid' interaction data for S. cerevisiae and human
      • Could the human data be interesting for import into GO-CAM ? They annotate kinase activity and substrate and register the specific site. It seems they use Uniprot IDs (to confirm).
      • It's not a priority before the next GO meeting
    • This could potentially be used to capture MFs for enzymatic activities and targets
    • Suggested she work with SGD for yeast data, but what about human?
    • Priority level for this?



Judy, David, Paul, Kimberly, Chris, Seth, Pascale, Suzi, Laurent-Philippe