Manager Call 2019-09-18

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  • Agenda: Kimberly
  • Minutes: Huaiyu
  • Present:

GO Meeting agenda

Agenda first draft (by Pascale)

Follow-up Items

  • Gramene annotations:
    • Alex has imported into UniProt all of the Gramene annotations (from the current file in SVN) that passed UniProt QC checks
    • Most annotations, did not make it for various reasons
    • Relevant ticket:
    • Can we keep a backup of the GR annotation file currently in SVN in case GR wants to salvage some of their manual annotations? What's our SOP here?

Entity Identifier Space and Types

  • MODs, UniProt, PRO, Reactome, ComplexPortal
    • What should we use?
    • How should we use it?
    • How should we map between resources?
    • What should we be thinking about here wrt a post-GAF, GPAD/GPI world?

Discussion items


  • Gramene annotation (Kimberley)
    • Annotation files are still in SVN, and have not been updated for a long time.
    • Fine to take the files there
    • Most of them (90%) did not pass QC. Will take whatever we can take.
    • Question to Seth: Still retrieve files in SVN
    • Seth's response: SVN is going away. The files are archived. Can set something up.
  • David initiated a discussion about pull requests in ontology github from someone outside of ontology development team, and raised the question whether this should be allowed.
    • David argued that only the trained ontology developers should be allowed to make a pull request.
    • Seth: Whether to allow people to make a fork or a pull request. It is a an open source platform. Making a fork and pull request is a good way to explain issues, and keep contributors' documentation.
  • Agenda discussion
    • Made some reorganization of the items.
    • There is a suggestion of having more breakout sessions rather than a centralized meeting.