Manager Call 2019-09-25

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  • Agenda: Huaiyu
  • Minutes: Suzi
  • Present: Chris M, David H, Huaiyu, Kimberly, Laurent-Phillipe, Pascale, Seth, Suzi A

Quick overview of various projects (Chris)

Release pipeline (SC)

final testing is being done, stats are flowing through, snapshot working. Could release now and then again in a few days?

P: Would rather look through and test before release

Noctua (SC)

about to start laying in work for Validator, work by Tremayne

K: Noctua Form 2.0 ready for curators, be able to make, search, edit annotations- will be ready by meeting. GitHub Projects best place to see progress

C: ART and Form 2.0 are separate?

K: Yes, but dependent.

Currently on 2nd-3rd round of testing, then have Lee/Sabrina/Patrick test before GOC meeting

Plan is to have Noctua workshop at meeting, have curators use new Form

C: Workbench using Minerva? K: used to use Graph Editor, now some won't be displayable in new version based off Form 2.0 (ShEX)- this is being worked on, need to indicate these are "beyond" current capabilities in search? Reactome, older models, now newer models that actually work with Form 2.0.

Form code doesn't read ShEX, reads javascript for client side checks.

Noctua doesn't yet call checks on both sides, that's plan for this week (SC).

P: Model copy status?

SC: Dropped as priority for this sprint, code has been rewritten but not tested

LP: Library not yet switched

CM: Library needs to be switched, then testing.

LP: No time to prioritise this before meeting, Alliance ribbon taking time, future plans to deploy sandbox on GO site?

SA/CM: Ribbon should be on AmiGO, sandbox maybe on GO.

P: move discussion of next phase priorities to GOC meeting?

Deployed (LP)
Dustin's tasks- Import (K)
DH: have been working with him on imports. Extensions are current blockers. K: Close to flipping switch. P: ShEX should help. CM: Data flow issues to be worked out. DH: Laurie has done ton of documentation (was emailed to SC), CM to look at documentation. DH: Harold in charge of import, but Laurie would be best contact. K: Have decided won't import other group's annotations, manipulated and exported as part of GAF but won't be imported into Noctua- this is part of difficulty. SC: Versioning also issue, Dustin working on versioning PAINT more formally.H: Data is there, but presentation is to be worked out. Currently have monthly release of PAINT on same tree, then yearly release of new tree- versioning about how to get back version but can't back map to older version (only do forward).

SC: Issue for GO is imperfect synchronization between PAINT and panther. H: Also had server issues from spring, have addressed by switching IT departments. 15 is next release, should be smoother transition.

Difference in mailing lists

P: GO-refgenome dead. Thought we killed GO-discuss, but still is alive?

GOC- for anyone related to internal discussion. Higher likelihood of annoying people with internal emails.

GO-Friends: includes users

Proposal: properly remove Discuss, move all users to GOC, set up auto-reply that announces email list is dead. Remove Discuss from wiki onboarding, GO site.

Yearly email to all users explaining difference

Use GOC more to announce news- releases, etc.

Switch to Google Docs for minutes? CM

Wiki good for searching,

Google docs easier to edit by multiple people.

Hard to search for info if it's split between multiple sources.

No decision- stick with wiki for now?

GO Meeting agenda

(Well explained by K on Tuesday's annotation/GOCAM call) Agenda first draft (by Pascale)