Manager Call 2019-11-20

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  • Agenda: Huaiyu
  • Minutes: Suzi
  • Present: Chris M, David H, Huaiyu, Judy, Kimberly, Pascale, Seth, Suzi

Call next week?


Cancelled 27 Nov call, Still on: 4 Dec (overlaps with Reactome) Cancelled 11 Dec (overlaps with Alliance)

GO managers call - Alliance all hands meeting

  • Should we cancel the Managers meeting that overlaps the Alliance all hands meeting ? (December 11th?)
  • Let's review the Alliance meeting and SAB agenda - what presentations will GO staff make?

Gene Descriptions group would like to talk with GO about using GO in gene descriptions. Possibly use GO-CAM, use relations. Valerio has stats on information content (KVB, Judy want to sit in). Want Gene Descriptions to also tell a story.

What is status of having single Alliance point-person? Needs to be brought up on Alliance PI call (CM to add to agenda for this Friday). Won't be a chief architect by meeting, but get process started.

Biological Function will have 20 min slot on first day. Need to start slides as LPA is still out of country (until ??). Have existing presentations to pull from but will still need new material

GOCAM flash talk on Thursday AM. Nobody knows what "use on Portal", miscommunication? Set record straight on Tools vs web portals vs background (common sign on, etc.). Clarify subject/topic on Alliance PI call.

Projects Specification guidelines

Documented specs for projects- need everything organized. WebX demos of each release, show tickets affected and work done, etc.

Noctua Documentation and Tutorials

  • Current documentation is on one long wiki page

Has been discussion about splitting this into smaller chunks

  • Noctua Form 2.0 draft tutorial is in the Google drive
  • Tremayne has created a draft version of the tutorial, with animation, hosted on
  • We want the documentation to be easily edited and updated, but also to be easy to view and use for curators

Need to check what Tremayne has done- how easily updatable is it?

Should centralise- either on wiki or into markdown. But Tremayne's current site provides better user experience than wiki. Would be nice to move more docs to this kind of display (in future) to improve look & feel. Who will be writing bulk of content?

Dual option- wiki as indexing, providing links to external site. Scaling would be hard.

For now, put docs on wiki (split out Noctua on wiki). Kimberly and Tremayne to update docs onto wiki.

One paper to rule them all- which paper to cite if only one?

Nature to cite GO in general, NAR for specifics/if they can keep updated. Best would be if they modify to add two.

If defs are straight from dictionary (Michael had explicit permission), OK to use? OK. Whole ontology is CC BY.