Manager Call 2019-12-18

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  • Agenda: Seth
  • Minutes: Pascale
  • Present: Seth, Chris, Suzi, Judy

Discussion points

Looking back at the Alliance meeting

Pretty good.

Shall we break early?


For next time? (twice deferred now)

Implementing a testing process

  • We have had some unexpected side effect of the deployment of some code, last example was in Noctua.

As we move towards being the provider of the annotation tool for various groups, we need a way to avoid these situations, by having a formal process of testing and releasing updates to the code.

More documentation on software architecture

Programmers and Product Owners (probably except for Seth and Chris) would really benefit from having a software architecture diagram - does that already exist ? - Specifically: how do the Biolink API, the GO Triple Store, Minerva, the GO API, GOlr, etc ? relate to each other -

  • what is the data flow?
  • which ones have dev/prod versions?
  • how are these various tools incorporated in outward-facing products?
  • .... ?
  • we need to know what is implemented - not just the final goal

Zenodo bug during the last release

  • What was the problem in the end ? Why was Zenodo not being responsive?
  • Is it is a good idea to rely on external resources for this ? CERN is a research project - do they really guarantee to be stable for 'ever'? what is our backup plan, should they not be able to support maintaining our archive ?