Manager Call 2020-01-22

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  • Agenda: David
  • Minutes: Kimberly
  • Present: David, Huaiyu, Judy, Kimberly, Laurent-Philippe, Pascale, Paul, Seth, Suzi

Discussion points

Upcoming Meetings

Caltech f2f

  • Pipeline hackathon at Caltech. WE NEED DETAILS ABOUT THIS
  • Travel funds: what funds are available?
    • Proposed dates in the Feb 24-28; David will need to use the 24th as a travel day.
      • There are rooms available at the Ath (accommodations on Caltech's campus) for that week, but we need to firm up people's travel dates so Sarah, Paul S.'s assistant, can make the reservations.
      • We have confirmed meeting rooms for the 24th and 28th, and Sarah is working on the remaining days.
    • Agenda
    • Premeetings?

Subcontracts should pay, if possible, otherwise USC will cover the cost. Kimberly will check with Sarah and Paul S. about possibly using Caltech GO funds.

Other February meetings

  • Other meetings on the radar?

PI meeting; otherwise just the Caltech f2f

Does anyone know why the GO-Away calendar seems to have disappeared?

In short, no.

Status of Projects

Anything to report?

Getting ready for next steps in MOD import project - annotation history, file and dataflow, determining what steps are generalizable and what steps need to be configured for individual MODs

Outreach: monthly seminars

Action from last week: Chris starting with Dexter and Peter Robinson to setup meetings

  1. We will do this when there is time.

Defer until Chris is back.

GO meeting

" Registration fees: waiting for USC feedback

Laurent-Philippe is working on finalizing the costs to set registration fees and finishing the registration form. Paul T. will look into getting some help with EventBrite. Laurent-Philippe will send out a 'save the date' email jso everyone is aware of the May dates; formal email about registration will come later.