Manager Call 2020-06-10

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  • Agenda: Pascale
  • Minutes: Laurent-Philippe
  • Present:
  • Regrets:

New management structure

Action on BLM?

SGD, others participating in

Action: Suzi will send a post on twitter

'Public image' of GO data quality

"We applied the approach to 20 commonly-studied species in two recent UniProt-GOA releases and identified 250 potential misannotations in the 2018-11-6 release, where only 25% of them were corrected in the 2019-6-3 release. Importantly, 56% of the misannotations are “Inferred from Biological aspect of Ancestor (IBA)” "

Note: it would have been better if the article also mentioned the percentage as this is a very low number overall.

From Chris: Some lessons here:

  • bioinformaticians like simple formats like gmt
  • we need to be doing more to vet all of the different sources that provide GO
  • even our SAB members may sometimes do dubious things with GO - this is on us rather than them though

Proposed Organization

Paul & Chris presenting the proposed organization for the group, with Product Owners and Tech Leads, as well as the project main tasks/priorities

Update on previous round of priorities

Actions for next GO User meeting ? Is it a priority ? Need to improve API & API related documentation, create interactive notebooks, etc.

Tech leads: update the document when tasks are done. This will be needed to set the next priorities.

Noctua Planning Meeting

  • Two-hour meeting planned Wednesday, June 10th 9-11AM PCT
  • Objective: discuss development options on a (relatively) high level; decide priorities for the next round of development
  • Development time frame: roughly through the end of the year (2020)
  • For grant renewal: any specific needs or objectives? (from last call: for testing in Uniprot, what would be the minimal set of species integrated in Neo ?)

Emails about job/volunteers

Recent (Monday), trickle in the past- distribute within GO or not?