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* See : [[GO_Managers]] page
* Org chart: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1PcYpEtI_6g8fEvwnKVsZZ4lUy2XLbOcZSMlyLrIqo0k/edit#slide=id.g88a20b0a90_0_361

[[Category: GO Managers Meetings]]
[[Category: GO Managers Meetings]]

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  • Agenda: Laurent-Philippe
  • Minutes: David
  • Present:
  • Regrets:

Isoforms NOT in AmiGO/products

(Pascale, from feedback from Ruth) https://github.com/geneontology/go-site/issues/1105 Should they not be ?

Bader gene sets

Approach to handle gene sets redundancy.

They are deriving gene sets for GO, but are using EBI and MGI for human and mouse annotations: http://baderlab.org/GeneSets#Sources.

Proposals: 1) contact them to explain the benefits of fetching annotations from GOC instead of EBI/MGI instead of GOC 2) page on the go site to explain the above (differences & benefits from fetching annotations from GOC rather than a source; eg check, validations, etc) 3) some of Bader gene sets could be of interest for QC ?

Updated GO managers page to match the Project Org chart