Manager Call 2020-06-17

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  • Agenda: Laurent-Philippe
  • Minutes: David
  • Present:
  • Regrets:

Isoforms NOT in AmiGO/products

(Pascale, from feedback from Ruth) Should they not be ?

Evidence code for inferred annotations

(Pascale, from an ontlogy ticket)

Bader gene sets

Approach to handle gene sets redundancy.

They are deriving gene sets for GO, but are using EBI and MGI for human and mouse annotations:

Proposals: 1) contact them to explain the benefits of fetching annotations from GOC instead of EBI/MGI instead of GOC 2) page on the go site to explain the above (differences & benefits from fetching annotations from GOC rather than a source; eg check, validations, etc) 3) some of Bader gene sets could be of interest for QC ?

Updated GO managers page to match the Project Org chart