Manager Call 2020-06-24

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  • Agenda: David
  • Minutes: Kimberly (not available for next week's call)
  • Present: Chris, David, Huaiyu, Judy, Kimberly, Laurent-Phillipe, Pascale, Paul, Seth, Suzi

GOC October meeting

  • UMBC-hosted meeting will be virtual
  • Need to announce to GOC
    • Pascale will send an email

Project plans for remainder of 2020

  • Specific deliverables? Specific deliverables for the grant?
  • We reviewed the Google doc that Chris, Paul, and Pascale have put together for 2020 year-end goals
  • Goal is to define tasks that we feel we can get done between now and the end of January
  • People may need to have more than one project for a given time period (in case there is downtime on any one project), but we'd like to try to serialize, if possible

github tracker digest emails

  • The digest emails are no longer being generated; this was announced at the May consortium meeting
  • Recent helpdesk ticket wondering where they'd gone
  • We raised the issue on the 2020-06-23 annotation call and tried to demo how curators could use tracker features to monitor tickets
  • Small, but adamant, response that we should re-instate the digest emails
  • This will require some developer time to re-implement

Inferences from the ontology

Create new evidence code ?