Manager Call 2020-07-01

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  • Agenda: David
  • Minutes: Huaiyu
  • Present: Seth, David, Pascale, Suzi, Huaiyu, Paul D., Judy, Chris

GOC October meeting

  • UMBC-hosted meeting will be virtual


Dates have been finalized. Pascale will first confirm with Michelle, and then send out the announcement.

Project plans for remainder of 2020

Kimberly should be here for this discussion - what are the items we need to deliver for GO-CAM and Noctua ? So we can select what we can do from


Seth shared a doc (software developer tasks (personnel)) -

There is a separate priority doc.

github tracker digest emails

  • The digest emails are no longer being generated; this was announced at the May consortium meeting
  • Recent helpdesk ticket wondering where they'd gone
  • We raised the issue on the 2020-06-23 annotation call and tried to demo how curators could use tracker features to monitor tickets
  • Small, but adamant, response that we should re-instate the digest emails
  • This will require some developer time to re-implement


Heiko wrote the original script in javascript. It stopped working at some point. Curators still request it. Will need to re-implement.

Any other business?