Manager Call 2020-07-15

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  • Agenda: Suzi
  • Minutes: Seth
  • Present: Kimberly, Chris, Judy, Laurent, Pascale, Suzi, Seth, PaulT

Project plans for remainder of 2020

Kimberly should be here for this discussion - what are the items we need to deliver for GO-CAM and Noctua ? So we can select what we can do from

  • Please also see the Noctua 3.0 planning Google doc

Last week's discussion: skipped item 2 and stopped before item 5.

GO ribbon Doc, Sandbox, Application Note

Current Mockup:

Choice of URLs:

  • sandbox: OR ?
  • documentation: probably

Other comments:

  • Authorized IDs: let as is or new page ?
  • add simple gene symbol mapping to IDs ?

Tickets to comment:

Loading 142 species

Can someone get the list of species for the 204 (?) with > 1000 EXP annotations ? (Laurent-Philippe/Huaiyu?)

UMBC-hosted meeting will be virtual

  • Action from last week: Dates have been finalized. Pascale will first confirm with Michelle, and then send out the announcement. Michelle was on vacation last week; announcement sent this week.

Any other business?

Release- missing 500k IBAs (taxon problems maybe??).


Have mockups.
What URL to use? (through normal docs path)
How much to integrate? Okay as separate on the side as a demo. Link to from documentation, not further integrated.
What do we want to accomplish with the ribbon? TBD, demo for now
Demo for the paper? Yes.

Loading 142 species
Still looking at differences between 142 vs. 204.

UMBC finalized?
Michelle on vacation. Will get to that

500k IBAs missing
That should be fixed, Pascale can check.

Priorities task list
Item 2, go-cam: still blocked on Chris. He’ll get to that.
Item 5, rules: Fix up rules. Still have outstanding rules; need a dedicated call? For example, GPI rules. Will try and schedule a call.
Item 6, legacy: Still in contact with Stuart. Looking at strategies.
Item 7, ontology development: ongoing
Item 8, paint: Huaiyu not here; ongoing.
Item 9, additional taxon constraints: Easy or not? for Jim? Seth to ping Jim
Item 10, community interaction/slimmer: need to define our users and what they want. User survey?

Noctua 3.0 doc: pretty good here.

Finally: we are likely to go over to a “rounds” structure in the future, as a rolling item to keep up-to-date.