Manager Call 2020-09-09

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  • Agenda: Seth
  • Minutes: Pascale
  • Present:
  • Regrets:


Update on SARS-CoV-2 GPI and GPAD/GAF (Chris)


BP annotations / regulates closure

From Chris: As far as I can tell at this stage we do not have a strong empirical case for excluding regulates in BP annotations.

NAR paper update (Laurent)

GO Meeting Agenda

Notes from Chris:

  • can people self-assign themselves? We can also assign on the call tomorrow. Also indicate how much time you think you need.
  • we have a folder for presentations but it's currently empty -- we should get cracking on this!
  • some of the times are a bit cryptic: "pipeline reminder". What does reminder mean here? Maybe we can flesh things out tomorrow.

goals are for each project here:

Projects updates

Anyone has blocking issues/delays/changes in project scope they need to report to managers /PIs?

GAF 2.2 and GPAD/GPI 2.0

  • When do we want to make an announcement to the community?
    • This seems dependent upon a firm date for switchover - do we have that?
    • MGI and WB are nearly (if not already) ready for this, but we need to asses where other groups are at

Ongoing projects updates

  • Noctua Imports (#3a)
    • MGI/wormbase imports
    • GPAD/GPI 2.0
    • Minerva/gpad output
      • I think we need to schedule a 1/2 or full day working meeting to focus on the GO-CAM GPAD output. Propose that David and I create an agenda so we know who needs to be at the meeting and then find a good time for everyone. (Kimberly)
  • Legacy data (#6)

Pascale, Laurent-Philippe

    • testing and release framework
    • Minerva support for noctua
  • Pipeline (ongoing) (#4a)
  • Pathways2GO paper (#1bi)