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Agenda: Midori

Minutes: Chris

Action items from previous calls

  • GO-tops: Send TCDB/GO support letter
  • Emily: Send email announcing GAF2.0 on May 1
  • Chris: Discuss UniProtKB etc. issue with Emily, Mike, et al.
  • GO-tops: Contact prospective new managers
  • All managers: Prepare materials for SAB as described above
  • Jen: Draft wiki page to summarize motivation for MF-BP links - in progress

Discussion items

  • Evidence Code Ontology: Philippe from OBI has approached me in advance of the OBO Foundry meeting asking about ECO (we had some discussion last year) - basically they're looking to expand their coverage of assay and analytical methods and were wondering whether we were planning to expand ECO or whether we'd like to work with them (see email). [Jane]
  • per-term accreditation for PAMGO?: people quite often need to find all 'PAMGO' terms (users and PAMGO people for grants/papers). At the moment this is done via an ad-hoc method of 'most of the children of X, plus these cc terms, plus anything with these def dbxrefs'. I'd like to make this more systematic - either with a GO_REF for all of the terms or possibly a go_subset. Which would be appropriate? [Jane]
  • xp docs for editors: Have sent these round. We're planning to post on the wiki. [Jane & David]


  • Web-presence group about to trial a GO Facebook page

Action items

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