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Participants: Pascale, Midori, Jen, David

Agenda: Pascale

Minutes: Chris Midori

Action items from previous calls

  • Everyone: add items to the next GOC meeting agenda: Cambridge_GO_Consortium_Meeting
  • David, Chris: organize the xp webex. (There has been a great tutorial by David OS at the Buffalo Ontology meeting)
  • Jane: email Amelia to put xp documentation (for GO users): ongoing
  • Jane: review existing xp wiki pages; find or generate "biologist-friendly" page
(the existing page is here:
  • Jane: email Amelia to put xp documentation (for GO users) on her to-do list

All action items carried over due to low attendance (first one is ongoing until closer to the meeting anyway).

Discussion items

  • Release schedule for xp/part_of:

Midori sent the email for the part_of; but she was waiting for the webex about cross-products to send that send email.

Action item: let's wait until we have the webex is done.

  • Video conference for remote GOC/SAB attendees? Holly has heard from Jesus College that they can now provide a video conference unit (a TV with a microphone and camera) that can be dialled into by using the IP address. Are we interested in using it? (Midori will email go-managers)
Action item: Midori will forward mail to managers list, and decide based on response (or lack thereof)

Midori will send GOC meeting reminders before registration deadline.

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