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Participants: Pascale, Midori, Chris, Suzi, Mike, David, Jen, Jane

Agenda: Jane

Minutes: Pascale

Action items from previous calls

  • David, Tanya, Jane: Compose wiki documentation for ontology editors, with step-by-step instructions on making cross-products - in progress (will start this week)
    • David says they need the new OBO-edit to do it.
    • Chris says that there wont be new GUI changes that would affect the screen shots.
  • Jen: Draft wiki page to summarize motivation for MF-BP links - in progress
  • Managers: Comment on draft proposal that Suzi will circulate (content meetings, RefGen annotations, etc.) - not sent

Discussion items

GOC moving over to using extended GO

Main issue seems to be with has_part - visualization, queries etc. How should we handle this? (the email was actually only asking about inter-ontology links, I know, but we should address this anyway).

    • Chris says that not everyone needs to move to the extended GO - only people who understand the new file.

[ACTION ITEM]: Jane will send another email to clarify this.

    • Eurie sent questions about how annotations will get displayed, etc. Jane suggests we have a FAQ
    • Chris: previously we used to summarize by ontology (F, P), but it's now possible to do to differently, so that

we need to resolve some issue related to how we summarize annotations. At first we probably should not change anything.

    • AmiGO, GO term finder tools? Does anything to be changed here?

Term changes and term provenance issues

  • Based on the recent e-mail discussion about annotators knowing about ontology changes, we should bring up the idea of term changes and term provenance again. We really should come up with a way to record information about the creation of a term and the changes that have been made to it over time and to store that information in one place.
  • Jane suggests the tool OnEX : (go to concept-based analysis)

  • Pascale: it would be nice to have the relevant documentation linked from the terms, for example to GO nuts.
  • Chris: we should consider applying 'upper level' decisions to all relevant terms
  • David doesn't want another place where to write documentation
  • [ACTION ITEM ]Jane suggests to move this to the meeting agenda for the next GO consortium meeting

Internal cross-products to be released

[ACTION ITEM] Midori : release first set of cross products, Jan 18 (regulation) [ACTION ITEM] Midori : add this to GO news on Monday.

Paper on "revisability of GO"

collaboration with Sabina Leonelli. There's email in the ontology-editors archive, e.g.:

Future content work

  • Jen has some proposed contents but that has not yet been accepted. [ACTION ITEM] Midori will create a new section in the Ontology development page for those types of topics.

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