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Participants: Judy, Jen, Midori, David, Chris, Pascale, Jane

Agenda: Jennifer

Minutes: David

Action items from previous calls

All are carried over from March 25

  • Pascale and Jane: Organize conference call on usage of tricky GO terms; include ontology editors and annotators (both ref gen and broader annotation list). -> We'll try to do something for the June Reference genome conference call, June 9th.
  • Pascale, Chris: Finish and circulate gp2protein file documentation. IN PROGRESS
  • PIs will discuss Jen's funding situation and get back to Jen immediately. (Current contract finishes 14th July.) Judy will try to get it finalized by the end of the week.
  • GO Editorial Office talk to Chris while he is visiting EBI next week about putting XPs and has_part into write file.
Minutes available
  • Pascale will write to GO list to arrange the call on binding. Call already happened last week.
  • Jane will work with Pascale on sending a survey to GOhelp addresses. Maintain the list and give people the option to come off the list. Initial mail will invite people to join so they are initially opting in.
    • I have parsed a list of email addresses from the gohelp archive - there are about 300. I don't know whether it is worth making another list for these people to subscribe to or whether to ask them to subscribe to gofriends. Lets discuss this. Not sure we want to do this. Decided to put on hold for now.

Discussion items

  • Announcements from ontology development - new things coming soon
    • We're about to test using the has_part relation in a scratch file. More detail in the minutes from Chris' visit; Amelia has done draft documentation.
    • We'll add internal cross-products to the go_write (and therefore also go_ext) file soon. The first ones to go in will be the 'regulates' xps that David & Tanya are working with. Again, there are relevant meeting minutes

Sending a warning e-mail is part of the plan. We will give a couple weeks notice.

  • ChEBI curators have offered to present some of their curator training to GO people so we'll have a better idea what is in ChEBI and how it's curated. We're tentatively considering the day before the next GOC meeting, i.e. September 22.

We need to decide who would be the right people to go to this. Maybe just have them give a presentation at the GOC meeting. There is a 'heart development' meeting that day in London.

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