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GO Managers, Weds. July 18 8 AM PDT / 10 AM CDT / 11 AM EDT / 4 PM BST

Agenda/chair: Midori Minutes: Chris

Review Action Items from previous meeting

  1. Jane: Take screenshots of RSC markup and RSS feeds and put on wiki for people to use in slides.
  1. Jen: Ask Pankaj whether anyone from Gramene is going to rice meeting.
 They will think about it (prob no: grant renewal period)
  1. Annotation outreach group: Include EST annotation in flowchart.

Individual Manager reports

Ontology Development

  • Cardio mtg (David). Added 100 terms so far. 1200 edits. in scratch dir. Same file used my muscle people.

Remote editing via webex - slow?

Digression: the webex support person in California and Jen has had a hard time contacting them

  • Midori has updated metacyc2go mapping
  • Transporter edits are in
  • Meeting: GO-CL xps, 26th July
  • Jane: IMG finished. 250 new functions (about)


  • a cunning idea for user education

Fiona has been writing grants for annotation, a reviewer thought that Affy did annotation!! We should put out a publication/editorial. Seperate from refgenomes paper.

Pascale mentions errors in GO paper: major flaws. We should address this

Midori suggests talking to microarray group at EBI

Eurie suggests web pages improved/reorganised

Midori: web pages and pub not mutually exclusive

Eurie: 10 yr annivesrary of GO - target paper for this


  • Support for multi-species interaction and annotation properties (xps) in database - see SWUG:Database
  • replaced_by tags: todo
 ACTION: Chris

Reference Genomes

RefG/software group had a webex to demo Sohel's new curators interface

other mtg. ideas about what genes to target. 1 sugg to do diseases. not clear on what diseases to prioritise

User Advocacy

  • The set of 'core' GO slides: do people like this idea?

often slides (in Teaching Resources) are out of date. GO mgrs keep core set. everyone keen on idea.

Chris: to resend slideshare link (Done)

  • Should the AWG have members outside of the GOC?
 Mike & Michael have both said no, unless there are exceptional circumstances
  • Eurie: open houses, demo. We need a targeted way to get people to participate.

We start talking about Second life and lose half the participants

Pascale: outreach vs wg

problem with time

revisit with PIs


EMBRACE "Using GO" workshop

EU network of excellence. Annotations in databases. Griddy stuff.

Midori + UniProt rep: Decided to go. Is George (PATO) going? Chris will check

DONE: George is not going

Waiting to hear about princeton. Newark is the airport to go to refG meeting is 1.5 days


Petra + Pascale. Eurie. John.

  • Chris: ask John to demo at workshop
 DONE: he is
  • Chris: write abstract
  • CL people - talk about cell

Staffing and Personnel

  • Jane 17 Aug last day
  • Sohel leaving. Replacement: September?


  • MIT group has submitted paper
  • Jane reviewed Yoshi Perle on UMLS sem network.
  • NAR update due middle of Sept

Other Current Topics and Concerns

Next call Aug1