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GO Managers call 19 July 2006

According to my notes, the next call isn't until the 16th.

Minutes from GO Manager's conference call July 19 (David)

  • 1. Review previous Action Items
    • A. Rex will will send out discussion document for reference genomes strategy to reference genomes group. (done)
    • B. Midori will send the draft of the ontology development group's priorities. (done)
    • C. We will make an announcement for the new OBO format. (in progress)
    • D. Finalize the cross product with cell type by the Advisory Board meeting. (in progress)
    • E. Midori and David will go through a requirements list for a new tracker. (in progress)
    • F. We will put a staff calendar on the Wiki. (in progress)
    • G. Rex will contact worm to see if someone will attend the anatomy meeting (Raymond Lee is signed up)

New Action Items:

  • 1) Jane will document the is_a complete.
  • 2) David will send out Jim Hu's wiki address
  • 3) We will work to split annotation camp into computational and literature-based
  • 4) Will we start using the InterPro and HMM data as RCA evidence codes?
  • 5) Eurie is starting the next newsletter
    • a. Annotation camp summary
    • b. A Publication review that uses GO
    • c. A report on the neurodevelopment meeting

Next call August 16; 8am CA, 10am Chicago, 11am BH, 4pm UK

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