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Agenda/chair: Pascale, Jane, Judy, David, Suzi

Minutes: Chris

Action items from previous calls

All are carried over from March 25

  • Pascale and Jane: Organize conference call on usage of tricky GO terms; include ontology editors and annotators (both ref gen and broader annotation list). -> We'll try to do something for the June Reference genome conference call, June 9th.
  • Pascale, Chris: Finish and circulate gp2protein file documentation. IN PROGRESS
  • PIs will discuss Jen's funding situation and get back to Jen immediately. (Current contract finishes 14th July.)
  • Jen: Paper on the trigger file for annotation checking: send a plan: bullet points and an abstract to GO-tops and Chris describing what the paper will be. Where to submit this needs to be discussed. Maybe we should consider a real journal rather than conference proceedings.
  • Jane: Ask GO-tops about getting a logo professionally designed for GO. (background: Amelia has suggested that we get a logo professionally designed for GO. She suggested this website: Basically you put up a brief for the logo and an amount of prize money (between 100 and 600 USD) and people submit designs. After a week you choose one and the winner gets the prize money.)
    • We've now got a graphic designer at EBI to do this for us at no cost to GO. We're putting a spec together for him now, will report when we have something.

Discussion items

  • F-P links have gone live. We should talk about the plan to continue this and how we will feed annotations back to the refgenome group.
  • There will be a special heart development meeting in London the day before the Sept GOC meetings. Ruth, Varsha, David, Doug and community experts will attend.
  • News site is up and running and contains news - ironing out a few details and will announce to GO friends [Jane]

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