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GO Managers, Weds. Nov. 21 8a.m. PST, 9a.m. MST, 10a.m. CST, 11a.m. EST, 4p.m. GMT,




Review Action Items from previous meeting

Summary of action items:

  • Chris will write up a formal proposal regarding the removal of GO slims from the public file, and send it to the manager's list in the first instance.
  • Pascale will contact the various groups with wiki-related annotation tool technology to discuss how they can work together on this. [DONE] We talked at the biocurator meeting and this is getting coordinated.
  • Jennifer to initiate conference call on gohelp technical topics. [in progress]
  • Jennifer will call an annotation-outreach meeting in a couple of weeks to discuss the changes in the annotation-outreach effort. [next week]
  • Pascale will take the Annotation SOPs to the reference genome group and web presence group for improvement. [next week at conference call]
  • Jennifer is to include work of the web presence group in the advocacy monthly reports. She will contact Ben, Rama and Amelia to ask them to contribute information to the report. [not yet done]
  • Judy to get back to Midori about Current Protocols paper. [Judy says it's due Nov 15 now, and Midori has sent her part]
  • Judy will contact the new Sea Urchin database to see whether/how/who will do GO annotations and how to help them.
  • Jen will start collecting information for the annual report from all groups using GO: collect talks, posters, tutorials, etc
  • Pascale: [annotation documentation] add literature annotation decision tree on the web (seen at consortium meeting).

Current Topics and Concerns

  • (Pascale): Tanya and Eva (TAIR) had the following suggestion: "We thought it would be good to propose to either GO or GMOD (or both) that GO/GMOD develop a generic GO (or, more generally, OBO-compliant controlled vocabulary) submission module that could be plugged into many/any online journal submission workflows. From a GO perspective, if we (GO) developed the module, we could control exactly what information we'd be getting from the authors. If our collaboration with Plant Phys takes off and goes well, it should be easy to convince other journals to go the same way, especially if they don't have to engineer their own software. "

Individual Manager reports

Ontology Development

Outreach / User Advocacy


Should we send representatives to MGED 2008? It is in Italy in September. Gavin Sherlock wanted to know as he is considering it just now.


Reference Genomes


Collaborations and Interactions, active and new

Operations and Procedures

Staffing and Personnel

Siddhartha Basu, new programmer at dictyBase, started at the beginning of November.

Budget issues


Agenda item from Emily Dimmer:

'Practical Proteomics' journal has asked for a paper reviewing the GO resource. This publication will focus on applied use of the GO, particularly on the annotation resources, examples will have a cardiovascular slant (as per the British Heart Foundation grant that Ruth is now working on). This has come about due to Ruth's contact with Mike Dunn (Editor) who is co-chair on the HUPO Cardiovascular Initiative. Ruth and I will be the main authors of this paper.

There will also be an editorial in proteomics.