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GO Managers, Weds. March. 26th, 2008 8 AM PDT, 9 AM MDT, 10 AM CDT, 11 AM EDT, 3 PM GMT

Agenda/chair: Midori

Minutes: Pascale

Present: Midori, Suzi, Judy, Jen, Chris, Mike, Pascale, David, Michael

Action Items

Review Action Items from previous meeting

All: Check list of database contacts and make any additions needed. Chris to email GO List.

Chris and ontology development group: Forge ahead with adding new files; curators switch to editing gene_ontology_write.obo on date to be announced. Chris: partly completely switch
In the meantime, Midori is manually comitting the file gene_ontology.edit
Still to do: fix the script so that it also updates gene_ontology.edit

  • ACTION ITEM: Mike/Chris need to agree on the date
  • Chris will send a pre-announcement to go_friends mailing list to announce the new file

Reference Genome group: Decide on QC procedures, frequency, etc.

Reference Genome group: Determine protocol for making ISS annotations.

Reference Genome group: Try WebEx "raise hand" feature for next conf call. Pascale will put that in the agenda for ref genomes meeting

Ontology Development

  • Regulates has been implemented
  • loaded fine in MGI
  • will be in AmiGO at the end of March
  • Function/process: Jen, Harold are making links for TCA cycle and electron transport; right now using has_part relationship and enter relationships in excel spreadsheets

Outreach/User Advocacy

  • going well, GO help under control, no newsletter due


  • AmiGO: version 1.5 due out this week; will contain regulates relationship
  • ref genome tool: in progress, will start working on GUI; Judy asks if the priority can be increased (Chris agrees)
  • Nomi getting familiar with OBO edit code

Reference Genome

  • nothing to report


  • Nomi will be coming to GO meeting
  • Joaquin Dopazo has enquired about a GO session or satellite at the November 2008 CAMDA (email forwarded March 6th).
  • Midori is participating at a meeting at the London School of economics

Collaborations and Interactions

  • nothing to report

Operations and Procedures

  • Announcing ontology directory structure changes

Staffing and Personnel

  • Jane is back

Budget issues

  • nothing to report


  • ref genome paper... Pascale would like to start working on that again


Next call

April 9, 2008, 8 AM PDT/11 AM EDT/4 PM BST

Agenda: Pascale; Minutes: Jen

Summary of Action items

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